Izzy meets Boudreaux

Hilton Guidry

Hilton Guidry

On Thursday, August 29, Delgado Community College’s mascot, Izzy, got a chance to hang out with Boudreaux, the mascot for the New Orleans Zephyrs. boudreauxWe sat down with Izzy to find out what it was like to meet a fellow mascot in the New Orleans community:

So, what were your impressions of Boudreaux??

Izzy: He’s a lot taller than I expected. Doesn’t really talk a whole lot either.

And what about the “shrine on airline”? Were you impressed with their stadium?

Izzy: It’s pretty cool. When I saw the swimming pool I had a sudden urge to Dive In, but i gotta tell ya, nothing beats watching a game at Kirsch-Rooney!!

Is this the first time you’ve had the opportunity to hang out with a fellow mascot?

Izzy: It’s a very competitive industry that I am in. Some guys refuse to hang out with you because of their ego or they think you will out perform them at their stadium. I mean, look at the San Diego Chicken. He beat up Barney one time!!! So that is why I was so surprised to get they invite from Boudreaux. He is a real class act.

Can we assume the Pelicans and Saints have not called you yet?

Izzy: Well, the Pelican is kinda new in town, but I think we’d have a whale of a time together. As for Sir Saint, he hasn’t returned my call since I said his chin was bigger than Jay Leno’s!


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