Delgado’s Big Band In The Big Easy

Hilton Guidry

Hilton Guidry

On this September 11th anniversary we are all thankful for the many sacrifices our military has made for our country. The National WWII Museum in our community is a tribute to the many heroes of an era 70 years ago.  The museum celebrates the achievements of “the greatest generation” by retelling their stories through words, images and videos.

But in the “Big Easy” we also like to throw in a little music whenever there is a celebration. Delgado’s music department often contributes to the many musical performances that take place at the museum. The faculty performs regularly with the variovictorybbus bands that are housed in the WWII Museum, including the 18-piece Victory Big Band, Victory 6, Victory Trio and Victory Duo.

The Victory Big Band recently performed last at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the Tulane football game halftime show:

Some of the Delgado faculty who perform regularly for the museum include:

Dr. Peter L. Cho, Lead Department chair of Arts and Humanities
Jay Hagan, adjunct instructor of Brass/WWII Museum Musical Director
Dr. David Phy, adjunct instructor of Trombone
Corinne Walters, adjunct instructor of Percussion
Raymond Moore III, adjunct instructor of Woodwinds

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