2013 Baseball Season Success

Tyler Scheuermann

Tyler Scheuermann

For the past 40 years, Delgado’s Baseball program has given the College a lot to be proud of. From regional and district titles to student-athletes’ academic accolades to alumni taking their places in four-year and professional baseball organizations, the Dolphins have established quite a tradition on City Park Avenue.

Two weeks ago, another baseball season came to a close. This photo 4one seemed a little different though. It capped off one of most successful in the College’s history as the Dolphins bowed out as South Central District Runners-up, two wins away from the school’s third berth in the Junior College World Series. During 2013, the Dolphins amassed more wins in a single season than any other club, including a 19-game win streak that shattered a previous school record. The Dolphins were ranked in all of the NJCAA bi-weekly polls released over the course of the season, being listed in the Top 25 each time, rising in the ranks from 21st to first in the nation. Delgado was ranked the top team in the nation entering the South Central District Tournament in the May 15 poll news 3before falling to Connors State College in the championship round of the tournament.

As successful as the numbers appear, this year was about more than wins, losses, and rankings. The 2013 Dolphins have opened a new door to the community, a community that is slowly starting to understand just what it is Delgado Baseball is all about. The local and national attention spot lit the program and Delgado Community College, and introduced the Dolphin way to those who may not have known too much about junior college baseball beforehand. The Dolphins gave Delgado something to cheer about.

With the successes came coverage. From television news, to newspapers, to social media, to online articles, the Dolphins were widely reviewed as one of the most successful college baseball teams in the area this season. The team represented 21 Louisiana 2013 team 2hometowns and 24 local high schools – all combined for one gumbo of a baseball roster.

This year, the program introduced a new mantra, “Dive In!” It’s a good analogy for the Dolphins. Some fans drive by the water and don’t even stop, some stop to take in some of those enjoying the swim, and still others come by and dip their toes in to test the waters. Most true Dolphins wholeheartedly dive in, putting their all into the program once they learn what it’s really about. Many of them become regular swimmers.

If you get a chance, visit delgadoathletics.com and take a look at the season slideshow, which takes a look back at the people, players, places, and events that shaped our memorable season.

Hats off to the Dolphins for a great season. As Delgado’s main marquee on City Park Avenue says, “You make us proud!” Thanks for giving us all something to be proud of.

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