TV Time

Tony Cook

Tony Cook

Dr. Monty Sullivan, Delgado’s Chancellor, was interviewed this morning at the WWL-TV studios for “The 504,” a talk show with host Melanie Hebert. “The 504” is broadcast on WUPL-TV, Channel 54 (Cox Channel 2), weeknights at 9 pm. The segment with Dr. Sullivan is scheduled tonight, May 30. He is discussing a variety of subjects related to Delgado’s historic and current role in the community, its program offerings, and the future of the College.

As the media representative of the College, I was involved in getting Dr. Sullivan booked on the show and making certain everything went well. Part of this responsibility included accompanying him to the WWL-TV studios in the French Quarter.

Maybe you know, and maybe you don’t, that WWL-TV is on North Rampart Street near Esplanade. It’s a fairly famous area. Cosimo Matassa’s world-renowned recording studio, where Little Richard and other legends belted out their hits in the 1950s, is nearby. It’s a washateria now (laundromat, for those who don’t speak N’awlins).

The Chancellor and I were escorted from the front door to the studio by a production assistant. There, we were greeted by Melanie, the host, who told me she had “seen a lot of quotes” from me in the local news. I said, yes, I suppose I do get quoted pretty frequently as part of my media relations work.

Tony Cook in the news anchorman’s seat at WWL-TV

Tony Cook in the news anchorman’s seat at WWL-TV

As the two of them settled in on the set and shared pleasantries, I took a seat at the vacant newsdesk across the room. In the anchorman’s seat, just like Dan Rather and Eric Paulsen. (The CBS News “eye” is a prominent part of the WWL-TV studio’s décor.) Dan is my all-time favorite news anchor, and I’ve watched Eric’s noon news broadcast so many times that I feel like he’s an old friend.

I listened and watched Melanie interview Dr. Sullivan for about a half-hour regarding all sorts of Delgado-related issues. It went very well, I thought, although I winced at a couple of questions that showed this would be no softball interview. The Chancellor’s answers, as always, were thoughtful, comprehensive, and well stated.

Melanie Hebert interviews Dr. Monty Sullivan for “The 504”

Melanie Hebert interviews Dr. Monty Sullivan for “The 504”

During the interview, the station’s senior meteorologist, Carl Arredondo, arrived and began working at a desk near where I sat.  I am a longtime fan of Carl’s, having first viewed his forecasting talents on a TV set in a hotel room at the Royal Orleans when I was visiting New Orleans as a tourist. Something about him – the name, perhaps, but also his professionalism – made me an instant fan.

So, today, I got to introduce myself to him. I told him that he was the very first TV weatherman I ever saw in New Orleans, and it was a pleasure meeting him after 11 years. We chatted about the likelihood of getting a meteorology program at Delgado, and he offered to visit our College and speak to students about his profession.

Then it was time to leave, and I realized afterward that I had enjoyed myself like a kid on a playground. Anyone watching me this morning would have seen a man sitting calmly behind a desk, texting on his iPhone, doing his job as a media representative. But I was having a ball. Some days, many days, I have experiences like this one that make me feel fortunate to represent Delgado Community College to the media and the public.

3 thoughts on “TV Time

  1. Tony, I’m the PR Specialist at South Louisiana Community College. Fabulous blog. Love the idea. Would love to implement something like this at SLCC. Would you mind if we picked your brain in the future? Again, very impressed.

    • Thank you, Lana. Besides writers and a WordPress account, all you need to create a blog like this one is a great community and a great community college. I think you have those, right? We’d be glad to share ideas with you.

  2. I accidentally happened upon “Community” and was very impressed. I do not know you or the Chancellor, but I am extremely dedicated to Delgado and wish that Institution the absolute best because there is nothing as important to New Orleans as Delgado Community College.
    Columbus (Lum) Ellis, VP Emeritus

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