Teacher’s Pets


Leslie and Jasper

Dee Shedrick

Dee Shedrick

How long have you two been together?
Two years.

What kind of cat is Jasper?
Medium hair domestic.

Did you rescue him?
I adopted him from the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter.

Why did you choose Jasper?
He had a friendly easy-going personality and he seemed to enjoy giving and receiving affection.

What do you enjoy most about having Jasper as a companion?
I love animals. I’ve had pets all of my life. I think it’s important to take proper care of the world’s creatures and give needy pets a good home. Jasper, in particular, has a very lively and amusing personality. My husband and I enjoy watching his playful antics around the house.

photo 4How many pounds does Jasper weigh?
15 pounds.

Why a cat?
Although I love all animals, having a cat works best because I live in a condo. I don’t have a yard where a larger pet like a dog could play.

What was the funniest thing Jasper ever done?
He knocked over some air freshener oil. He was covered in oil and I had to give him a bath.

Do you plan to get anymore pets?
I would definitely get another cat; and a dog too, when we are able to buy a house.

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