Smartphone App Spotlight: Viggle

Hilton Guidry

Hilton Guidry

Wouldn’t it be great if you got paid for watching TV?? Viggle is an app that rewards you for watching TV. All you need to do to earn points (which you can redeem for gift cards and merchandise) is to check into whatever you are watching. When you check in by using your smartphone, you start earningviggle3 points. The more you watch, the more points you will earn (one point per minute for shows you check into). You really can start to rack up points when you check into bonus shows that reward you with extra bonus points (usually 50 to 100 points).

Viggle is a great way to earn gift cards for Starbucks, Target, Lowes, and restaurants. College students love freebies and just about everyone has an iPhone or Andriod to download and use this app.

Here’s a couple of tips for new users:

  • You don’t need to watch an entire show to earn bonus points. After 10 minutes, you can switch to another show (that may be playing at the same time) to earn more bonus points.
  • Don’t waste time with “Viggle LIVE” to earn bonus points. The questions take a while to pop up and you only get a few points for answering the trivia questions correctly. todayviggleEvery once in a while for big events like the Super Bowl or award shows they have larger rewards for playing along. Those are the shows where you can really earn a lot of points.
  • If you missed a show, you can still check in to recorded shows and shows on Hulu or other websites.
  • If you are not by a TV or computer, you can still earn points by watching commericals on the app or going to the Viggle offer wall to earn additional points.

I’ve been using this app for over a year and have earned hundreds of dollars in gift cards. You won’t get rich using it, but you can expect to earn about $20 – $30 in gift cards per month (or more if you max out – yes, there is a cap!) Not bad for playing on your smartphone while watching TV – like you don’t already do that now for free!!

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