Teacher’s Pets: Geralyn Morrell and Jazzy


Dee Shedrick

What is Jazzy’s full name?
Jazmin Frances Morrrell—Frances is also my daughter Mia’s middle name.

What breed is Jazzy?
She is a Shih Tzu. Shih Tzus are from China, so she is Chinese.

Since Jazzy is a full breed, have you ever considered putting her in a dog show?
No, and also she is spayed so I will not have any grandchildren from her, but hopefully from my daughter Mia much later down the road.

Is Jazzy your first dog?
No, I had a Maltese in 2001, but my niece and nephew really wanted a pet so I gave Tinker Bell to them.

Do you call Jazmin Jazzy because she is Jazzy?
It’s more because New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz.

Does she bark a lot?IMG_1499
Not at all, only when someone is at the front door or she gets startled.

Is she picky about the foods that she eats?
She eats her dog food, but her favorite snack is a croissant. She also likes her doggie treats and Honey Nut Cheerios.

What do you want us to know about Jazmin?
She is super spoiled and she thinks whenever we go she should go, as well.

Does she whine when she rides in the car?
No, she just sits in my lap and looks out of the window.

All dogs love being massaged, what is her favorite spot?
Her tummy.

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