Student Success Snapshot – Sister Tram Nguyen


Dee Shedrick

“Early childhood education.”

Expected graduation date: “May 2016.”

Name of your order? “Daughters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.”

Where will you teach?  “I don’t know yet. I will be appointed by my provincial superior.”

When did you come to New Orleans? “I moved here to follow my religious calling in 2008; before this I lived in Michigan for 11 years.”

What is your religious calling? “To teach and give my life to the church.”

Why New Orleans? “The congregation that I am living with is based in New Orleans—their headquarters is here. The order used to be based in Philadelphia, but the archbishop asked for help. Then we relocated New Orleans in1986.”

Is this your first college experience? “No, I got my first associate’s degree in allied health in 2008.”

What are your academic goals? “It is up to my congregation. My provincial superior will decide if we need more teachers or credentials.”

Do you like New Orleans? “Yes, there is plenty of sunshine. I like the food and the people are nice and kind. Oh, and I love the Saints!”

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