Teacher’s Pets: Cynthia Jones and her dog, Roxy


Dee Shedrick

What breed is Roxy?

Roxy is a mixed breed.  She is a cross between a Corgi and a Chow.  Her front legs are the cutest, short bowed legs.

If Roxy could talk, what do you think she would say?

“Why don’t you take me out for more long walks?”  She also would ask us to bring her for more rides in the car so that she could rest her head on the armrest and go to sleep.

Does Roxy have a playmate? If so, what kind of dog and what do they do on their play dates?

Roxy does not have a playmate.  However, we have a wrought iron gate and Roxy can see all the dogs that pass through the neighborhood.  She barks at them when they pass.  There is also a dog in the adjacent yard which Roxy barks with on a consistent basis. Our granddaughter is really Roxy’s playmate.  She loves to pull at Roxy and of course, Roxy runs and hides under the bed.

How old is Roxy?

Roxy is our Katrina dog.  We got her as a result of my daughter getting a new apartment and where she couldn’t have pets.  We acquired her as a puppy in 2005, which makes her nine years old.

Where is Roxy’s favorite spot in the house to relax?

Roxy likes to relax under the dining room table, under my bed, and if you are sitting, under your legs. At times she will stretch out on the rug and lay there for hours.

roxy[1]Do you feed Roxy table food? 

Roxy is on a special diet.  Therefore, she should not eat table food. Sometimes we give her a little taste of chicken in her doggie bowl, which she thoroughly enjoys.

What is Roxy’s favorite snack?

Being on a special diet, Roxy cannot have snacks either, but we have to reward her.  We give her chicken jerky and pieces of chicken as a snack.

Does Roxy enjoy taking baths?

Not really.  I have tried to bathe her a few times, but it was not nice.  When I bathe her, it is outside where she can shake the water off.  I think she enjoys the suds and the massaging of her back.  I don’t think she really enjoys the water being placed in her face; most of the time she goes to the groomer.

What is the quirkiest thing that Roxy does?

She looks at you with these large eyes and she seems to say, “I want to go outside” or “I want to be left alone.”

Have you had any other pets? If so, tell us their names and what kind of pets they were.

My first pet was an Irish Setter named Ginger. Ginger was an indoor dog that we had for about a year. My brother came over to visit one day and Ginger got out of the yard, we searched the neighborhood for her, but we never found her.

Roxy is an experience.  She is loving and kind. She loves to go outside and take walks. Well, she really walks me.  I can see now how people get attached to their pets and treat them like part of the family.

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