Student Success Snapshot – Jade Rouzan


Dee Shedrick

Major: “Print/Broadcast Journalism.”

Graduation date: “May 2011”

Where did you attend school after Delgado? What is your degree in? “Loyola University. My degree is in mass communication and I have a minor in psychology.”

Where do you work now? “I work at Cumulus Media Inc., KMEZ as an affiliate producer of the D.L. Hughley Show; and WWL-TV, Channel 4 as a news desk assistant.”

If you had to play a character on a TV show, which show would you be on and which character would you play? “I would be on the show “Friends” and I would play Rachel.”

What is your favorite breakfast food? “My favorite breakfast food is pancakes.”

What did you do for your last birthday? “I attended my aunt’s funeral on my last birthday, April 5.”

Which of the four seasons do you like most? “I like summer the most.”

What was the last movie that you saw? “Noah.”

Do you have any advice for someone following the same educational and career path as you? “I would advise anyone wanting to become a journalist to intern as soon as they are able to. Get yourself a mentor at your internship. Ask lots of questions and take lots of notes. Study what you learn at home.  Practice your writing at every opportunity to get better. Be teachable. Open yourself up to learn other jobs while waiting to get the ideal position at the newspaper, radio station or TV station. DO EVERYTHING YOU DO (PAID OR NOT) WITH EXCELLENCE!!!”

Bonus: What’s next for Jade? “What’s next for Jade is a promotion. Whether it be an associate producer position, traffic reporter, web producer or a camera operator—I desire to move up and on from my current entry-level position and learn as much as I can on the way to where I am going.”

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