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Tyler Scheuermann

Tyler Scheuermann

It’s already been a memorable season, but for the Delgado Dolphins, the memories aren’t finished just yet…

Let’s Get it Started…
When the 2014 Delgado Baseball squad first convened as a team last fall, Head Coach Joe Scheuermann passed out green wristbands with the season’s slogan, with the mindset that the Dolphins would carry through the early days of fall classes, the fall practice and scrimmage schedule, winter and holiday break, into the spring semester, and onto the spring schedule. It was a simple but powerful catch phrase:May starts Today. So really, to summarize, May started back in August for this year’s crop of Dolphins. While the calendar said otherwise, the jam-packed schedule and day-to-day operations of the program revolved around a simple premise…it’s not where you start but where you finish. Every action on and off of the field, in and out of the classroom, and on and off campus had implications on the postseason. Delgado Baseball had its eyes set on May from the start and today, they’ve accomplished something only two other teams in the program’s forty year history can brag about—they’re representing the College and the community at the Junior College World Series.

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photo 4Four Decades of Dolphins
2014 was already a milestone season as the program marks the 40th anniversary of its humble beginnings. Following Loyola University’s decision to drop athletics following the 1972 season, Head Coach “Rags” Scheuermann crossed town at the invitation of the Delgado administration to jump start an intercollegiate athletic department at the state’s first two-year college. From a program that started without a baseball, it transitioned from a club team to an intercollegiate team quickly, joining the ranks and sanctions of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and adding more and more regional and national competition to the schedule each season. As they say, the rest is history, as Delgado Baseball has morphed into a nationally recognized program, a stepping stone both for both athletics and academics. Thousands have filled the rosters, the vast majority coming from a deep local talent pool, keeping and fostering the program’s family atmosphere as family and friends can stay connected and involved as they can cheer on what’s become “the community’s home team”

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A Busy Spring
2014 has seen a busier-than-usual calendar as the Dolphins have competed against a tough slate of opponents, events, and accolades. In a break from tradition, the season began on the road as Delgado represented the College at the American Association of Community College’s Workforce convention in St. Petersburg, Florida at the end of January. A week later, the Dolphins hosted their annual “Rags” Scheuermann Memorial Tournament, which opens the busy schedule at Kirsch-Rooney Stadium. The traditional spring trips to Pensacola and Walt Disney World followed, with Delgado participating in its ninth consecutive Spring Warm-Up at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando. In mid-March, the Miss-Lou conference slate of games opened with home and home series against Meridian Community College and Baton Rouge Community College. A regular series Miss-Lou conference title landed an opportunity to host the Region XXIII Division I Championship at Kirsch-Rooney Stadium. On Sunday, May 11, Delgado claimed its eighth Region XXIII Championship in the past nine seasons, earning the right to advance to the South Central District Regional in Neosho, Missouri. Following a hard-fought four games against two-nationally ranked teams, Crowder College and Seminole State College, Delgado emerged as the South Central District Champions with a berth in the JUCO World Series.

photo 3Taking the next Step
While it’s already been a busy spring, the team doesn’t see the World Series trip as a bonus round, they see it as the next step on a path. Delgado’s JUCO Journey started in August, led Delgado to St. Petersburg, Orlando, Pensacola, Eunice, Baton Rouge, Meridian, to Neosho, and finally to Grand Junction, Colorado. After being recognized on each national poll of the season, Delgado takes its place with nine other of the nation’s best programs, ready to compete for the ultimate prize: a national championship title.

Continuing Coverage
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When does it start and how can we watch?
Delgado will open play in the JUCO World Series on Saturday, May 23 at 8:30 CST/7:30 MST against Chattahoochee Valley at Sam Suplizio Field in Grand Junction, Colorado. You can watch the game on NJCAA-TV and follow play-by-play with Delgado’s Game Tracker feature. Additional links and tournament resources are also available at For photos and more, follow the fish on and Twitter @delgadodolphins.


Teacher’s Pets: Cynthia Jones and her dog, Roxy


Dee Shedrick

What breed is Roxy?

Roxy is a mixed breed.  She is a cross between a Corgi and a Chow.  Her front legs are the cutest, short bowed legs.

If Roxy could talk, what do you think she would say?

“Why don’t you take me out for more long walks?”  She also would ask us to bring her for more rides in the car so that she could rest her head on the armrest and go to sleep.

Does Roxy have a playmate? If so, what kind of dog and what do they do on their play dates?

Roxy does not have a playmate.  However, we have a wrought iron gate and Roxy can see all the dogs that pass through the neighborhood.  She barks at them when they pass.  There is also a dog in the adjacent yard which Roxy barks with on a consistent basis. Our granddaughter is really Roxy’s playmate.  She loves to pull at Roxy and of course, Roxy runs and hides under the bed.

How old is Roxy?

Roxy is our Katrina dog.  We got her as a result of my daughter getting a new apartment and where she couldn’t have pets.  We acquired her as a puppy in 2005, which makes her nine years old.

Where is Roxy’s favorite spot in the house to relax?

Roxy likes to relax under the dining room table, under my bed, and if you are sitting, under your legs. At times she will stretch out on the rug and lay there for hours.

roxy[1]Do you feed Roxy table food? 

Roxy is on a special diet.  Therefore, she should not eat table food. Sometimes we give her a little taste of chicken in her doggie bowl, which she thoroughly enjoys.

What is Roxy’s favorite snack?

Being on a special diet, Roxy cannot have snacks either, but we have to reward her.  We give her chicken jerky and pieces of chicken as a snack.

Does Roxy enjoy taking baths?

Not really.  I have tried to bathe her a few times, but it was not nice.  When I bathe her, it is outside where she can shake the water off.  I think she enjoys the suds and the massaging of her back.  I don’t think she really enjoys the water being placed in her face; most of the time she goes to the groomer.

What is the quirkiest thing that Roxy does?

She looks at you with these large eyes and she seems to say, “I want to go outside” or “I want to be left alone.”

Have you had any other pets? If so, tell us their names and what kind of pets they were.

My first pet was an Irish Setter named Ginger. Ginger was an indoor dog that we had for about a year. My brother came over to visit one day and Ginger got out of the yard, we searched the neighborhood for her, but we never found her.

Roxy is an experience.  She is loving and kind. She loves to go outside and take walks. Well, she really walks me.  I can see now how people get attached to their pets and treat them like part of the family.