Student Success Snapshot- Robert Gassiot

10-THINGS-U-SHOULD-KNOWGassiot with mom 2

Dee Shedrick

Dee Shedrick

When did you graduate? “December 1991.”

What was your major? “Business studies with a concentration in marketing and accounting.”

Where do you work now? “Children’s Hospital.”

What do you do? “I am the director of printing and graphics services and I also teach graphic design as an adjunct at Tulane.”

You described yourself as a good ole New Orleans boy; what do you mean by that? “I am Southern gentleman, a true southerner with Southern hospitality.”

What are you passionate about? “Architecture, fonts, graphic design, interior design, cycling, and gardening. All of these things make me happy.”

What is the history of your name? “French. My last name is in the Paris phone book.”

What is your favorite habit good or bad? “Exercising.”

Do you eat sushi? “Yes.” If so, what do you like? “The avocado roll with lots of wasabi.

Do you attribute Delgado and your community college experience to your success? “Certainly Delgado has played a role in my success. My time at Delgado inspired me to continue my goals. I continued my studies and got a bachelor’s degree (with honors) and a master’s degree from Tulane University.”

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