Whole Foods, Whole New Orleans

Leslie Salinero

Leslie Salinero

Over the past several years, I’ve improved my diet by eating as many natural and organic foods as possible. Naturally (no pun indented!), I was thrilled when I learned a new Whole Foods opened on the corner of N. Broad and Bienville Streets, near Delgado! Last week, my co-worker and I took a lunchtime trip to visit the new store and pick up a few groceries.

shotgunWhile on the way, journeying deeper into Mid-City down Bienville Street, I noticed several new shotgun homes painted in bright colors had sprung up. When I arrived at my destination, I observed that a handful of small, specialty retailers had set up shop adjacent to the new Whole Foods.

My shopping experience was very pleasant. Being inside a Whole Foods store usually evokes within me a sense of healthiness and peace, and I’m also uplifted by the high level of friendly customer service I usually receive there. Moreover, Whole Foods is more affordable than you think–the store brand (365) offers a wide variety of reasonably priced products, store coupons are available, and weekly sales are held.

The most important takeaway from this outing, however, wasn’t the groceries, nor was it the brief respite from a busyBDS_exterior work day. Rather, it was the sense of hope I felt for New Orleans. To me, the new businesses and homes depict yet another pocket of revitalization occurring in the city–more evidence of industry and prosperity emerging from Hurricane Katrina’s rubble. I lost my home in Katrina, too, but I’ve been back on my feet, and I’m excited about the continuous signs of progress in New Orleans. May the Renaissance continue!

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