Restaurant Review – Mo Pho

Dee Shedrick

Dee Shedrick

Mo Pho is Mid-City’s newest restaurant located conveniently right across the street from Delgado Community College. Mo Pho serves innovative tasty dishes, like their most popular appetizer, Crispy Chicken Wings, with lemongrass and ginger.


Banh Xeo Battered Shrimp

The first time I went to eat lunch there I had the Grilled Jumbo Shrimp, served with warm popcorn rice and spicy pork pate and mint. My dining companion had the same entrée, but with rice vermicelli noodles instead. After eating our meal, we both commented that our food was interesting. I wasn’t sure what other word to use to describe the food I had eaten because although I was sure that I enjoyed my lunch, my taste buds had experienced some unique and new flavors that they were not used to.


Fowl Pho Soup

On my second visit to Mo Pho I dined alone. I started with the Banh Xeo Battered Shrimp with Nuoc Cham and pickled mango. For my next course, I got one of the things that most Vietnamese restaurants are known for, Pho Soup. I chose the Fowl Pho with crispy shallots and grilled mustards. The soup was accompanied with fresh cilantro, mint sprigs, bean sprouts and jalapeno peppers. After I doctored up my soup with a dash of soy and Sriracha sauce it helped to warm me up and prepare me for the cold nip in the air that was waiting for me when I walked back to work.

Servers Huyen and Drew were very knowledgeable about the menu. And another server SAMSUNGwas also kind enough to let me know that I was leaving my leftovers. If you are feeling adventurous, I recommend giving Mo Pho a try. For those who are used to eating Vietnamese food, I think that you will enjoy it, but for the rest of you, it will be an acquired taste.

The most important thing to remember is not to park in Burger King’s parking spots because your car will be towed.

Mo Pho
514 City Park Ave.
Wednesday-Monday 11:00-10:00 p.m.

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