Teacher’s Pets: Brandon Lafon and his dog Libby


Dee Shedrick

Dee Shedrick

Why did you rescue Libby?
I’m a dog lover and I was looking for a new companion. It had been nine years since my last dog died and I finally decided it was time for another dog.

Was Libby her name when you adopted her or did you change her name?
Libby was already her name and it fits her personality.

Was Libby a rescue dog?
I rescued her from Companion Pet Adoption, a local, non-profit animal rescue organization.

Can you describe Libby’s personality?libby-1
Libby is the most affectionate and comical animal I have ever been around. All 40 pounds of her likes to lie on top of you. She is a French Bulldog/Boxer mix and is obviously very playful!  Libby follows me from room to room. All she wants to do is be around me and lick me.

If Libby could talk, how would she describe a perfect day for herself?
Sleep late, eat, go for a walk, see some dog friends and get showered with nonstop attention.

What is Libby’s favorite toy?
A black KONG ball that I can stuff treats in.  It’s the only toy in Petco that she can be left alone with. Most dog toys don’t last five minutes with her. She has very strong jaws, but has never bitten anyone.

Does Libby prefer soft or hard dog food?
Libby prefers soft food, but dry is better for her teeth. She won’t eat unless I sprinkle a little canned food on top of the dry (she’s not spoiled).

libby-2Does Libby ever eat table food?
She can’t because of her allergies. She has to eat Science Diet salmon and potato formula.  She loves chicken and eggs, but she can’t have scraps after her allergy test results (I can’t say “chicken” or “egg” because she starts to whimper).

Does Libby go on doggie playdates?
Not much anymore since her best friend moved out of the neighborhood, but she does have two doggie friends that live on my block.  When those dogs are in front of my house, she whimpers horribly until I let her out.

What is the cutest or funniest thing that Libby does?
Libby runs like a maniac in circles, faster than I’ve ever seen a dog run and her gums flap in the wind.  Also, she tries to sleep on top of me and puts her head on my head (“headrest”). I’ve never seen a dog so in sync with humans before.

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