Teacher’s Pets: Jenny Louis and her dog, Lafitte


Dee Shedrick

Dee Shedrick

How old is Lafitte Louis?
He is six-years old this month.  His actual birthdate is unknown.  He was born on the street.

What is Lafitte’s favorite food?
His favorite food is probably bacon; however, he has allergies and can only eat salmon.

Does Lafitte perform any tricks?
He is so obedient.  He will sit on command. He will jump for a treat.  He also understands “kisses.”  My daughter, Isabelle, taught him that.

How did you come up with the name Lafitte?
My son, Gabe, had a school pet rabbit in his class with that name.  He liked it.  We voted as a family.  We wanted a New Orleans name for him.

What type of dog is Lafitte?
He appears to be a spaniel and lab mix.

Where is Lafitte’s favorite resting spot?
We have a raised house, so he loves to hang out under the house all day.  He can sleep or dig holes there.

jenny 3Did Lafitte have to go to obedient classes?
No, he is appreciative and gentle by nature.  He rarely even barks or jumps.

Does Lafitte have a girlfriend?
He has two girlfriends.  One is Sally, a big fluffy dog who lives with friends in our neighborhood.  The other one is Ruby, a young, energetic Rhodesian Ridgeback who visits often.

Is Lafitte an indoor or outdoor pet?
Both, he is welcome inside and sleeps inside at night.  He enjoys spending all day outdoors though.

Was Lafitte a rescue dog? Tell us how you became Lafitte’s mom?
I actually saw the 2008 InsideOut Productions show, “Coyote on a Fence” here at Delgado.  There was a scene that described a dog that reminded me of my childhood pet spaniel, Rusty.  This inspired me to get a dog for my children.  I looked on Petfinder.com to find a spaniel rescue dog.  I saw Lafitte’s twin brother’s picture.  I called the organization that had him in Denham Springs.  The woman said the dog pictured was too dominant for my children, but he had a sweet brother available.  I picked him up the next day.  It was an interesting transition because Lafitte was the first dog that I realized that I was allergic to.  I had to go to the allergist and work through a tolerance to live with him.  He was definitely worth it!

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