Happy New Year!

Tyler Scheuermann

Tyler Scheuermann

Happy New Year, Delgado! Well, sort of.  Saturday marks the official start to a new academic year, which this year happens to fall on August 17—that’s 92 years to the day that Delgado first opened its doors in 1921.

When the new school opened, it was known as the Isaac Delgado Central Trades School, which was the culmination of years of planning, building, and realizing the dream of the school’s founder, Isaac Delgado. The Jamaican immigrant and New Orleans sugar magnate envisioned a school that would fulfill his intended dream to give his adopted city a place “to teach a boy a trade.” The new school on City Park Avenue opened its doors to pupils on August 17, 1921, offering a rigorous curriculum that offered something for everyone.photo

Ninety-two years later, Delgado has evolved into a multi-site community college that serves close to 25,000 students a semester, making it the largest post-secondary institution in the New Orleans metropolitan area and the second largest institution in the state of Louisiana. Programs and opportunities vary to meet the needs of each and every student. Delgado’s nursing, technical education, workforce development, and academic programs are designed to lay the groundwork leading to a baccalaureate degree from a four-year institution.

This weekend starts a new chapter in Delgado’s story, the story of the community’s college that has evolved to meet the needs of a changing world over the past nine-plus decades. Much has changed over the years, but the more things change, the more they stay the same. In the coming days, new groups of students will walk the same halls that hundreds of thousands of their predecessors have walked. Step by step, each student’s story will be added to Delgado Community College’s legacy, a legacy that continues to help lead its students to success beyond Delgado’s walls…for 92 years and counting.

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