Delgado Baseball – The Community’s Home Team

Tyler Scheuermann

Tyler Scheuermann

It might be one of the city’s best-kept secrets, but the Delgado Baseball team is currently ranked ninth in the nation (having appeared in the Top 25 teams during each poll released this spring). The team is enjoying a very successful season, currently 38-7 overall. So far this spring, Delgado has broken a school record for consecutive wins (19) and amassed one of the best overall records in program history…all with a month left to go in the season. Delgado is preparing for Miss-Lou conference play, which features home and home series against Meridian Community College and Baton Rouge Community College. The winner of the regular season will host the Miss-Lou conference tournament on May 10-12 to determine the conference champion and team that will advance to the South Central District Regional, a “super regional” in junior college baseball terms.

While the local and national exposure the team is getting is great, it’s still the program’s reputation off of the field that is just as important and wins and losses.Delgado vs BRCC 13  353

Delgado Baseball is the oldest junior college athletic program in the state of Louisiana. Organized over forty years ago, the Dolphins have deep ties to the community they represent. The program prides itself on maintaining its local roots. For example, this spring’s roster features 35 players. Of those 35 players, 31 are from southeast Louisiana. They hail from 21 different Louisiana hometowns and 24 different high schools. Once they complete their time at Delgado, several will advance to four-year programs and in some cases, professional baseball. It’s a stepping stone of sorts, with many student-athletes beginning their college career at Delgado before continuing at a four-year institution. Such was the case with seven of nine of last year’s sophomore class. Nearly every college team in the state has had a former Dolphin on its roster over the past three seasons.

DSC_0771This isn’t something new…Delgado has always been a hometown team. Delgado Baseball alumni are scattered across the community…they’ve gone on to become coaches, teachers, business owners, and just about every occupation you can imagine. They all share a common bond – Dolphin Baseball. With so many local ties, it’s not uncommon to see many a familiar face at Kirsch-Rooney Stadium during each home game.

The program also opens the gates of Kirsch-Rooney Stadium to nearly every local prep baseball team in the city each spring, hosting hundreds of games on its diamond and giving local athletes a top-tier facility on which to showcase their talents.

As Delgado Baseball continues to impress on the diamond, it’s the program’s off-the-field persona that’s just as important…the Dolphins are proudly representing not only Delgado, but the community at large. They’re putting the community in Delgado Community College Baseball.

For more information about the Dolphins and to follow the team as their season continues, visit You can also connect with the team on the social networks, and Twitter @ delgadodolphins

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